Giving readers the untapped power of choice to explore interactive narratives.

Unlockable Comics is in Production!
Unlocking on iOS and Android in 2019.

Building a New Studio for Interactive Digital Comics

We're building a new platform starting with several original digital comic books. Our first book, Beanstalk, explores the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, taking readers through new and uncharted territories.

After launching, we plan to open up the platform, allowing artists to create their own Unlockable Comic.

Kevin Miller, Founder and Creator
Weaving together the crafts of storytelling, game design and improvisation.
Mitch Lusas, Co-Founder and Product
Building the technical team and foundational pieces to realize the vision.
Arky Sparky, Lead Artist (Beanstalk)
Coffee-fueled with a burning passion to create all sorts of weird and wonderful things, and more importantly, put a smile on your face!